Karizma Muzik, has had songs produced and published. Karizma has worked with many artists, managers and A&R, both at home (UK) and abroad.​ The genres Karizma works in, are Pop, Pop-House and Pop/R&B.

Published songs are as follows:


1. 'It's All Over'                                     

     (Dechuyteener & Mouffaert Publ. Group Belgium))


2. 'So Close To Heaven' 

     (Leopard Music Publishing Group UK))                      


3. 'Be Who You Are'  

     (Leopard Music Publishing Group UK)                                      


4. 'Hold Me Close Never Let Go' 

     (Leopard Music Publishing Group UK)  


5. 'Gotta Be Love'

    (Leopard Music Publishing Group UK) 

     NOW RELEASED on YouTube and Streaming Services





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